Picardy Poems

A Picard is...

A Picard is NOT for everyone.
A Picard is Protective.
A Picard is Intelligent.
A Picard is Courageous.
A Picard is Affectionate.
A Picard is Rustic.
A Picard is Dynamic.

by Mary & Bill Szlinis

Puppy Love

Berger Picard puppyMy puppy zips through the house like a speeding bullet.
Or a jack rabbit bouncing from toy to toy.
She grabs my shoe from the basket and shakes it until it is dead.
Then bounds after a ball.

Tulip captures my heart.
Like a bandit with big, pointy ears.
Her tail thwaps with a mind of its own.
She is a thief.

Her enthusiasm tickles my heart.
My puppy’s joy is as fun as a party.
She is a ball of energy.
She rolls over in complete bliss.

Her paws are as big as dinner plates.
She smiles when she sleeps.
She is my alarm clock.
My heart leaps with gladness.

Poem from a school project by Josh Schottstaedt, 12 years old

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