Policies: ARTICLE I-Membership

Membership Committee 

• Receive applications for membership in the Club. Provide list of applicants to the Recording Secretary and to the editor of “Picardier” for publication, and receive any resulting letters of membership comment. 

• Apprise the applicant of the status of his/her application and notify him/her with the Board’s decision once the application has been voted on. 

• The membership chairman will keep files of membership applications. 

• New associate members are sent the most recent available copy of the “Picardier" and invited to join all social media groups. 

• Associate memberships are not transferable. • Neither the membership application forms nor sponsor questionnaire can be changed without Board approval (2/3rds majority). 


Section 2: Name and Objectives

BPCA Breeders List-Requirements


To encourage all breeders to strive for the highest level of quality in their breeding program by providing an opportunity to have their dogs and litters listed on the BPCA breeders list. 

The following requirements which are included in the Breeders Code of Ethics will be available for signing to all BPCA Active members in good standing with both the BPCA and the AKC.

1. Current CHIC number for both the sire and dam will be required before any litters will be listed.

2. All retired breeding stock born after 2003 that have ever produced puppies must be listed on OFA and have a CHIC number.

3. All active breeding stock must be listed on OFA and maintain a current CHIC number which must include a current eye exam.

4. Although retired breeding stock is not required to have a current CHIC number, due to the known late onset PRA risk, all retired breeding stock must have an OFA eye exam between 8 and 10 years of age unless said retired breeding stock has already been positively diagnosed and listed as such on OFA with PRA. Any additional eye exams after this requirement is met and encouraged.

5. The required eye and hip test for the CHIC number must be done after the dog/bitch is 24 months old.

6. For all litters registered with your kennel name, both the sire and dam must be over 2 years old and each must have a current CHIC number before they are bred. All co-bred litters and litters resulting from leasing contracts will be reviewed on a case by case basis for approval to be included

.7. All primary registered owners or breeders who have leased or are currently leasing a dog/bitch, are responsible to comply with the required health testing and guidelines prior to breeding that dog/bitch.

8. Co-owned dogs/bitches that do not live with the breeder do not need to be listed unless those dogs/bitches are going to be bred with a club member as a Breeder of record.

9. Dogs/bitches over the age of 2 who have never produced puppies and are either altered or will be altered are not required to be listed or to have a CHIC number. All owners are strongly encouraged to have at least a DNA sample submitted. Hip and eye test are also encouraged.

10.If imported semen is used for a litter, equivalent health tests are strongly recommended.

11.In some cases, where there are extenuating circumstances, the Board of Directors will decide if the breeder can be listed.