Berger Picard Health

The overall health of the Picard continues to unfold in the Americas. As a relatively new and rare breed, we are just beginning to collect data and anecdotal histories to piece together a clear picture of heath issues in our beloved breed.

Some of the serious health issues include:

  • cancer, particularly squamous cell carcinoma
  • heart disease including dilated cardiomyopathy (often treatable)
  • PRA

Other issues include:

  • joint issues
  • seizures and other neurological issues
  • low thyroid levels (hypothyroidism)

Your breeder should be able to show that they have done testing for diseases known to be heritable (primarily eye, cardiac and joint diseases) and give you a family health history. 

Some diseases are known to be genetic, and many are probably a combination of genetic predisposition and environment.  Most of these diseases are being heavily researched, and the Berger Picard supports such research in several ways.  

BPCA uses the OFA Site to document/promote the health and welfare of Berger Picards.

Please report any Picard illnesses or deaths to our heath committee member, Liz Hansen

You can donate online for continued health research for the Berger Picard here: