Obedience Observations

by Kati Barricklow

Berger Picards are very versatile, and you can enjoy a wide variety of activities with your dog. Competitive obedience is not one that comes naturally to them, and it’s rare to see a Picard at obedience trials, both in the US and in Europe.

Picards are free thinkers and very intelligent and are always asking WHY they should do a certain exercise, and if they did it once, they are definitely wondering why they should do it again and again. Their boredom threshold is fairly low, and you have to possess lots of enthusiasm and fresh ideas to keep a Picard going in stylized exercises like in competitive obedience.

You really have to figure out what makes your dog “tick” and try to work with that. Your Picard will never do anything just because you said so. Be positive (harsh training will never get you anywhere), be patient, be upbeat, use rewards that excite your dog, train in short sessions and most important, have FUN, because if you have fun chances are your Picard will have fun too, and then he will be able to shine in the obedience ring!!

Watch Flicka win first place at an Open Class obedience trial.