BPCA Policies

The Policies are provided for the officers and membership of the BPCA. These policies and standing rules are put into place to further clarify, but not be in direct conflict with the Club’s Bylaws. As such, these policies are a living record and can be changed from time to time, following Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RRONR,  2/3rds vote of entire Board to change previous board action) as the Club experiences growth and progress, state and federal laws change, AKC rules change, etc. The Constitution and Bylaws (AKC pre-approved) were approved by the Board of Directors of the BPCA in June of 2015. The membership approved them by ballot vote in August of 2015. Once becoming a member Club, the amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws were approved by a membership ballot vote in April of 2017.The date following each policy is the date the Board approved that policy.

Article I: Membership

Article II: Meetings and Voting

Article III: Directors and Officers

Article IV: Discipline

Article V: Committees

A complete copy of Bylaws & Constitution for download: BPCA-Policy-Manual.pdf

Membership Committee Addendum for download: Membership Committee Addendum