Committees & Coordinators

Archives Committee

Need Mission Statement:

Vacant , Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Fast Cat Committee

Need Mission Statement:

 Jenni Wren, Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Finance Committee

To oversee the funding of the Club.

Janice Billingsley, Chair
Judy Thompson
?? - appointed by the President

Health Committee

To communicate with veterinarians, researchers and other organizations with regard to
breed specific health/genetic issues and to research and convey that information to Berger Picard owners.

Celestia Lensky, Chair
Valerie Black, Committee
Liz Hansen, Committee
Judy Thompson, Committee
Beth Toraason, Committee

Herding Committee

Need Mission Statement:

Jeremy Middlebrooks, Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Internet Committee

Maintain website and report periodically to the Board on its activity.   Includes website, Facebook page, chat lists, etc...

 Jackie Carswell, Chair
Jenny Scifres, Website Admin
Kami Lanigan, Website Admin
Judy Thompson, Liaison
Valerie Black, Liaison
Celestia Lensky, Groups.IO Admin

Judges Education Committee

To educate current and aspiring judges in the evaluation of Berger Picards in the show ring according to the official AKC breed standard. The Committee shall consist of at least three members: a Chair and at least two other members chosen by the Chair and approved by the Board. The Committee will develop project ideas for Board approval, and design and produce audio/visual programs, articles and brochures as approved by the Board.

Valarie Black, Chair
Liz Hansen
Jacqueline Carswell
Celestia Lensky

Judges Selection Committee

Compile suggestions from active members in preparing future judges’ ballots. Beginning year at first board meeting, the board members will submit names of judges for the “judges selection list”. Any names that are approved by the AKC will be accepted and put on this list. Judges who have completed the BPCA Judges education workshop will be included and noted. The list of suggested names will be sent to the Active members by April 1.

Celestia Lensky, Chair
Valerie Black, Committee
Barbara Silkworth, Liaison

Legislative Committee

To collect, review and disseminate information to the Board and membership about pending legislation at all levels of government which concerns dogs and dog ownership. This includes legislation which positively as well as negatively impacts dogs and dog ownership.

Vacant, Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Membership Committee

Receive & Share applications with Board. Communicate & Share application status with applicant.

Patty Newgard, Chair
Vacant, Committee
Jacqueline Carswell, Liaison

Membership Education Committee

We have no criteria for member education yet. 

Vacant, Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Newsletter ("The Picardier") Committee

The Picardier is the official newsletter of the Berger Picard Club of America and is published quarterly. Each issue shall educate, inform and support the Berger Picard community.

Lena Groth, Editor
Ailynn Collins , Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Policy & Constitution/Bylaws Committee

To ensure that the BPCA’s policies, procedures, codes and standard of ethical conduct and behavior remain current for theBoard of Directors and the general membership.

Jacqueline Carswell, Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Recognition Committee

To honor those Berger Picard and handler teams that excel in AKC sports highlighting their intelligence and versatility of our breed, recognizing the unique bond between a handler and their dog, and promoting participation at AKC events.

Marcy Grauholtz, Chair 
Nicki Dobson, Committee
Ailynn Collins, Liaison

Rehome Committee

Is to support the dedicated individuals and organizations, listed in our directory (forthcoming),who rescue Berger Picards in need of a permanent home.

Ailynn Knox-Collins, Acting Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison

Sunshine Committee

Need Mission Statement:

Ellen Lucas, Chair
Vacant, Committee
Vacant, Liaison


Breeder List Coordinator - Lynda Heise
(Manage and maintain the list of breeders on BPCA website) 
CHIC Liaison - Jackie Carswell 
(Is to act as the representative for the BPCA to the AKC CanineHealth Information Center.)
Elevage Coordinator - Celestia Lensky (Permanent)
Insurance Coordinator - Jackie Carswell
(Established to select and purchase liability insurance for club events, Directors and officers and bond the Treasurer.)
Trophy Chairperson (Permanent) - Jackie Carswell 
(Act as the liaison to the Board for the Specialty Trophy Chair, Order over see transport of all ribbons and trophies for the Specialty show.)
Trophy Chairperson (Specialty) - Vacant 
(Set up and secure volunteers to man the trophy table, oversee the setup of trophy tables and at the Specialty make sure correct trophies are available for winners’ photographs.)