BPCA Breeders Contact List

To obtain a good quality puppy, you should go directly to a breeder who is a member of the Berger Picard Club of America. As a rule, the BPCA breeder does not breed merely to sell dogs, but to continue and improve upon a lineage which he/she considers to be the best. Buying from a breeder is not just a business transaction. It is a matching of puppy and buyer and a partnership between breeder and buyer to ensure the puppy gets a good start in his new home.

However, in fairness to breeders and buyers alike, the BPCA does not endorse any particular breeder, and cannot be held responsible for any purchase agreement, guarantee, or understanding between breeders and buyers. As with any purchase, you should check references, visit potential breeders, and evaluate options before you buy a puppy.

The BPCA Breeders Contact List - Requirements – The BPCA maintains a breeders contact list of those BPCA breeders who are voting members in good standing and have signed the BPCA Breeder Code of Ethics. The results of their health testing are available on OFA Website and breeders are required to have CHIC numbers on their breeding stock to be listed on this page. 

For more information please contact Lynda Heise 

BPCA Breeders Contact List


     Shari A. Fischer
     Satin Clair Shores, MI 48081
     +1 (586) 201-2668
     chynashar@aol.com / chynashar@gmail.com
     Services offered: Puppies available occasionally

Jules of Ballerine’s Picards

     Laura Van Faasen
     Baltimore, MD 21230
     +1 (734) 717-5048
     Services offered: Stud services available

Kelyn Kennels

     Jackelyn Lundy
     34245 Corcoran Hill Lane  Davis, CA 95616
     +1 (530) 759-1074
    Facebook: Kelyn Kennels
    Services offered: Stud service, Puppies available occasionally

La Vie en Rose

     Valerie Black
     Elm Grove, WI 53122
     +1 (262) 424-2240
    Tickled Pink Picards Facebook
     Services offered: Puppies available occasionally

Touche Rose

     Elise Abernethy
     10 W. Linden Street, Twin Lake, MI 49457
     +1 (313) 570-6710
     Services offered: Puppies available occasionally

Apricity Picards de la Trouvaille Lūmināre

     C. Lensky
     Nashua, NH 03063 
     +1 (603) 883-6853
     Services offered: Stud Service 

Xanadu’s K9s

     Judith Hoover-Thompson
     512 El Hatco DriveTemple, PA 19560
     +1 (610) 334-6397