Elevage Books


We handed out the Élevage books at the National Specialty. We hope those that received their books are enjoying them. 

If you are due a book (or more), please email Jackie Carswell, your address. Then, please send $11 for postage to our treasurer.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the full color 2022 Élevage book, please email to Jackie Keaton Carswell, to check availability & include your address. Once confirmed, you can send $55.00 for book/postage. (If using Paypal a convenience fee of $3 is added) 

If sending check

     1)  Make check out to BPCA

      2) Contact for Mailing Address:

Janice Billingsley


If sending via PayPal

      1) Click on the appropriate link

PayPal - Postage Only
PayPal - Book and Postage (+$3 Fee)

Once Janice Billingsley has your $$ and it clears, she will contact Jackie to send the book. One book will fit perfectly envelope. Two will fit in one envelope, albeit a bit tight and the covers might get slightly bent. (I just tested it and both books survived). The books will be sent via a 9x12 inch padded Priority Mail envelope. 

Thank you

 Lexandra Creitz